Flight Training

If you're interested in getting your pilot's license, look no further. We provide flight training including Private Pilot, Instrument, and Commercial certificates and ratings.


Aircaft Maintenance

We're a full-service maintenance shop. We perform 100-hour inspections, annuals, full restorations, custom paint / interiors, or anything else your plane needs.


Aircraft Fabric

We've been doing aircraft fabric covering and recovering for over 30 years. We do everything from small patch repairs to full airplane recovery.


Basic Info

Our computer team has over 8 years of experience in everything from virus removal to web building. We provide a full range of computing services for both home and business. Whether you just have a quick question or need full IT support for you business, we're here for you.



  • $75-$175 Optimization + Virus Removal (Depending on Severity)
  • $10 Flat Rate RAM Replacement*
  • $25 Flat Rate Desktop Video Card Replacement*
  • $30/hr All Other Hardware Repairs*
*Flat rate hardware repair costs do not include parts.


  • $100/month for 1-3 Computers**
  • $150/month for 4-6 Computers**
  • $200/month for 7-9 Computers**
  • Call for 10+ Computers
**Business rates include one scheduled monthly visit and unlimited additional on call visits. Business rates do not include parts.

Web Design:

We offer web design at $30/hr. A basic website averages around $500 total. Contact us for samples of our work, or for a price quote.

Flight Training

Basic Info

Training for your Private Pilot Certificate consists of four things:

  1. Ground School - This is where you learn about the theory and science of flying, as well as the rules and regulations set by the FAA.
  2. Flight Physical - A physical is required before you can solo. It must be administered by an FAA approved physician.
  3. Flight Instruction - This is the actual flying of the airplane. Our instructor will teach you all of the skills you will need to become a pilot. The FAA requires a minimum of 40 hours total instruction, 20 of which will be solo (without an instructor).
  4. Practical Test - Commonly referred to as the check ride, this is a test given by a certified FAA examiner to determine if you're ready to become a pilot. Once you have completed this test, you will be given your pilot's certificate!


Our classroom is located at the beautiful Franklin County airport in Sewanee, Tennessee. Our ground school classes are once a week in the evenings. They run once a week for 14 weeks, and are offered on multiple nights in order to be flexible with your schedule.

In addition to classroom sessions, we are available for one-on-one tutoring to help you understand the more difficult parts of your training. We know that you desire to become the best and safest pilot you can be, and we will work with you to help you meet that goal!


All airplanes are rented "wet" (prices include fuel).

  • Instructor - $40/hr
  • Cessna 150 - $90/hr

Aircraft Maintenance


We provide flat-rate Annual and 100hr inspections. We believe that it is important for you, the pilot, to understand the mechanics of your aircraft so that you can be confident that it is in perfect flying order. To this end we encourage you to be as involved in the maintenance of your aircraft as is possible. If you have a busy schedule, and simply want the work done, rest assured that our mechanics do the best work in the business and take the quality of their work very seriously. If, however, you'd like to be involved in the work done on your airplane and "get your hands dirty", we offer owner-assisted annuals at a reduced rate.


An engine overhaul is the most critical maintenance item, with the highest cost of anything you will ever do for your aircraft. You want to make sure it's done right. We work with one of the best engine overhaul facilities in the nation. We will remove your engine and send it to “Aircraft Cylinders and Engines” for a custom overhaul to new factory specifications. While your engine is being overhauled we will clean up your firewall and engine mount. After the overhaul has been completed we will reinstall your engine and perform the ground test run procedures.


In our custom paint shop, painting begins with extensive preparation using tried and proven techniques beginning with chemical paint removal. We do not use blasting of any kind, to preventing beads from entering the engine or radios. After the old paint has been removed and the entire aircraft has been completely cleaned, the aircraft is treated with a conversion coating promoting proper paint adhesion. The aircraft is then alodined, and after another complete cleaning it is primed with an epoxy primer. We then apply a top coat, duplicating the factory original scheme, or creating something unique for your aircraft.


We can turn your old, worn interior into something you'll be proud of. No aircraft refurbishment is complete without updating the interior. A new paint job may look great on the outside, but the interior is what you see when you're flying. Using only the finest FAA approved fabrics, we can redo your seats, side panels, headliner, and carpeting. We can custom match your new interior to the paint colors and scheme you select. You can choose to stay with the original colors and style, or you can go with a new, custom theme carried throughout the aircraft. We can refurbish the entire interior, including plastic trim, instrument panel, and wood cabinetry.

Aircraft Fabric

Jon Foote

Fabric recovering has been part of our business since 1984. The head of our fabric department is Jon Foote who learned the trade from one of those "old guys" and has been doing fabric work for over 30 years. He works with Ceconite, Poly-Fiber (Stits), cotton, or Irish linen and has experience on everything from WW1 biplanes to modern aerobatic performers.

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